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Brussels Design September. Exposition, Be collective, ontwerp Brukseilas (c) Lies Van Ginderachter
Published at 14/10/2021
By Mylène

In September, more so than the rest of the year, Brussels lives and breathes design. It's the perfect opportunity to get a feel for the latest developments in contemporary design. In addition to Design September, which sets the tone for the entire month, there's no end of events related to design this autumn. Stylish exhibitions, conferences and workshops with the top designers of the moment, flea markets and trendy markets : between beautiful vintage or contemporary objects, daring lines and innovative materials, make sure you start the season in arts & crafts mode in Brussels!



(c) Design Museum Brussels - Crush-Horiz

The Design Museum Brussels and the Ixelles Museum are taking up the challenge of creating echoes and links between sculpture, painting and design. By combining works from their collections, they create an original cocktail where design and art do more than complement each other: they engage in a dialogue, question each other and create surprises, to the delight of our eyes!

22/10/2021 > 06/03/2022

 Design Museum Brussels

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Objects of Fascination

We all have objects around us that give us comfort as well as inspire us. Mugs, key rings, notebooks or other trinkets... these little totems that accompany our daily lives are the subject of the MAD's upcoming exhibition, Objects of Fascination. In order to explore the worship that our civilisation bestows on things, 43 creators (architects, designers, artists) have chosen a single, favourite object and reinterpreted it. A project of intimacy and creativity, born of the lockdown.

24/09 > 14/11/2021


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Le sacre de la matière

The Spazio Nobile gallery's latest exhibition celebrates materials. 10 artists present their creations between chic mansion Ancienne Nonciature's gold-topped pillars and in its extravagant halls, only a stone's throw from the Church of Our Lady of the Sablon. Among them, the poetic textile experiments of Élise Peroi, the tactile variations of textures of Jörg Bräuer and the ethereal touch of Amy Hilton.

09/09 >03/10/2021

At Ancienne Nonciature



Design + Art. That's the equation that defines the essence of the SHÅK GALLERY: a clever mix of genres that is free of labels. Freshly installed on rue Darwin in Ixelles, this newcomer advocates its taste for 20th century Scandinavian, Japanese and Latin American design, without shying away from contemporary creation. Within its brilliant white walls, it houses, among other things, ceramics with minimalist lines by Japanese designer Kaneta Masanao, daring stools by designer Ingvar Hildingsson and "Cuera" chairs with a very distinctive Latin accent.

Rue Darwin, 59 - 1050 Ixelles

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