Witching hour in the city: 6 ideas for paranormal excursions this Halloween

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© Día de Muertos Marolles-Bruxelles by MetX et CC Bruegel
Published at 27/10/2021
By Mylène

Pumpkins galore, skeletons roaming the streets and fancy dress parties: Halloween is right around the corner! It's time to compile a list of the best spooky excursions and activities for a Halloween night out! Here's a summary of thrilling things to do with the whole family, with a dash of culture, a dive into the history of witchcraft, museums with creaky floors, visits to cemeteries and an outlandish escape game. Put on your scariest costume and give yourself a fright learning something new!


Momie Péruvienne ©KMKG, Brussel

Feed your imagination and get into the Halloween spirit with a tour of the collections of some of Brussels' museums. While the mysterious book bound in human skin at the KBR remains safely hidden behind lock and key, the Peruvian and Egyptian mummies at the Art & History Museum are on display for all to see. Looking into their eyes is enough to give you goose bumps.  

Curious visitors can take the opportunity to visit the House of European History and meet its famous mermaid. Made of papier mâché, cotton, hair, human skin and fish scales, this imaginary creature with a frightening grin is taken from Japanese folklore.  

Only a few short steps away, museum lovers will no doubt fall head over heels for the creaking parquet floors and romantic 19th century atmosphere of the Wiertz Museum. Fascinated by death, painter Antoine Wiertz never stopped painting frightening scenes and dramatic subjects, often in large formats. Take a closer look at "L’Inhumation précipitée", a painting dating back to 1854. It's a chilling depiction of a man buried alive trying to escape from his coffin...


Cimetière d'Uccle, (c) klarelijn.be

Take the lesser-trodden path and discover Brussels "six feet under". The cemeteries of Brussels, Laeken, Molenbeek and Dieweg open their squeaky gates to you for an atypical stroll between the gravestones. Situated at the crossroads of art, history and heritage, these places of remembrance exude a unique atmosphere where neo-Gothic tombstones, monuments with Art Nouveau or Egyptian lines take you on a journey through time (and, why not, to the great beyond?). Let yourself be gripped by the thrill of discovery as you uncover the secrets of these Brussels necropolises.

Our selection of special Halloween guided tours

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Sadak Souici / Le Pictorium, Rassemblement pour le droit à l’avortement, 2017, MAXPPP/ Belga

In recent years, witches have stormed back into popular culture in series, films and novels. They have also reintegrated social debate. In light of the new feminist movements that adopted the witch as an emblem of their revolt, Witches explores what these sometimes celebrated, sometimes feared and all too often persecuted figures are all about. It brings together more than 300 works and ethnographic objects from the collections of some fifty museums and galleries. A spellbinding exhibition that goes beyond clichés and preconceptions!

Witches exhibition at Espace Vanderborght

27/10/21 > 16/01/22

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Ancient myths, fantasy literature, steampunk and even surrealism, the Museum of Fantastic Art has a unique and atypical atmosphere. Its collections are wacky, strange and sometimes even creepy and include astonishing mermaids, stinging flies and a series of aliens created by talented curator and artist Michel Dircken. While the eerie glow of Halloween hangs over the city, the Fantastic Art Center ( located a few blocks from the museum) offers an extraordinary miniature golf course full of traps. Try it out with the family!

Museum of Fantastic Art - Fantastic Art Center

06/10/21 > 07/11/21

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© Día de Muertos Marolles-Bruxelles by MetX et CC Bruegel

An explosion of colour, altars decorated like in Mexico, parades, brightly coloured flowers, fireworks... you almost expect to see Frida Kahlo walking along the streets of the Marolles! Led by the Bruegel Cultural Centre, the whole neighbourhood comes together to celebrate Dia de Muertos (The Day of the Dead) around a large altar lit with candles, where everyone is invited to make an offering. Colourful workshops, lively parades and concerts by Las Lloronas or the great Mexican musician Ramón Gutiérrez Hernández will set the pace at the end of October. As a bonus, there will be many kid-friendly activities for "los niños"! At the Son Jarocho, get into the Latin spirit in an incomparable atmosphere, with a touch of kitsch and a lot of passion.

In the Marolles district

01/11/21 > 06/11/21

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A life-size escape game in the streets of Brussels: does the idea make you shiver with excitement? Coddy takes you to the heart of 17th century Brussels, when the capital was going through a dark period, punctuated by worrying disappearances... This time, it's your brother who has disappeared: will you manage to save him before it's too late? Disguised actors appear from the darkness to make this adventure interactive. But be careful, some are there to help you in your quest, but others seek only to confuse you…

Red Nights - Halloween Event (Escape Game Urbain)

29/10/21 > 31/10/21

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