Tue 09 November — Sun 15 May

Ars Musica 2021: VOX

Various places in Brussels
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Ars Musica 2021: VOX


This year Ars Musica will not remain a three-week festival, you can enjoy a full season from November 2021 to June 2022! This edition is the perfect opportunity to get to know the voice in all its facets from the four corners of the world. Discover the unique program!

Surprise your ears!

This festival edition, Ars Musica explores the expressive potential of the voice in art forms across the world. Though song is common to every culture, vocal technique frequently varies, since this shared universal is always pressed into the service of a particular language, intention, or culture of knowledge. The voice is, first and foremost, a medium used to convey the message of the spoken word, particularly as human beings are social creatures. In this way, the voice ensures meaning and enables communication; but as well as being a tool, it is also an instrument, and indeed our oldest source of music.

The voice is therefore the central focus of this series, whether spoken, sung, shouted, whispered, chanted, or mumbled. Vox 2021 brings together vocal traditions from all over the world through an collection of new pieces, ranging from Mongolian overtone singing to Japanese Noh theatre, from Arctic traditions to the majesty of Ethiopian chant.

Although uninterrupted vocal traditions have been transmitted orally in some cultures for thousands of years, particularly outside Europe, song remains a fresh source of inspiration for today's composers. The extraordinarily complex patterns to be discovered in song continue to fascinate contemporary musicians, forcing them out of their creative comfort zones. In line with our artistic policy, the Ars Musica festival will forge connections between different musical traditions: oral and notated, Western and non-Western, thereby building a new imaginative musical vocabulary to enable the creation of new works. Vox's 2021 edition will whet your appetite for adventurous composition, sharpen your interest in listening to unusual arrangements, and will as ever live up to our reputation for taking listeners on an innovative and exciting adventure in sound.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2021 — Sunday, May 15, 2022


Tue 09 November — Sun 15 May


Various places in Brussels

Various places in Brussels
1000 Brussels

T. +32 2 219 26 60 (Information)
T. +32 2 219 26 60 (Booking)
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