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Institut Bruno Lussato
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In the park of the Lussato Institute and its auditorium, the Ré-Enchantement exhibition will take you on a journey to a poetic and re-enchanted world with the pure lines of Isabelle Thiltgès bronzes, the cosmic infinity of Pierre Rulens sculptures and the powerful harmonies of Sophie Cauvin's ceramics and paintings

Re-Enchantment: the title chosen for the new exhibition of the Lussato Institute, which wanted to bring together Isabelle Thiltgès, Pierre Rulens and Sophie Cauvin for an event placed under the aegis of the magic of art. The story of a meeting between two sculptors and a ceramic painter invited to converse in the intimacy of this confidential place invested with a spirituality conducive to the appeasement of the heart and the spirit.
Re-Enchantment: an invitation to renewed hope, the promise of a moment of art and sharing as you walk through the heart of the Institute and its park, passing by the house of its founders Bruno Lussato and Marina Fedier, which is home to an exceptional collection of Japanese art, more specifically Mingei art.

An exhibition with three voices in tune; a beautiful and poetic escape that reminds us, without any need for a potion, of the immutable freedom to dream through art. An exhibition be discovered and visited from 7 May to 30 June 2021, with a highlight on the weekends of 29/30 May and 5/6 June on the occasion of the Parcours d'Artistes organised by the Commune of Uccle, of which the Institute is one of the sites.

Exhibition organised as part of the Artists' Route, initiated by the Echevinat de la Culture.
With the support of the Collège des Bourgmestre et Echevins

Meeting with the artists on the weekends of 29/30 May & 5/6 June from 2pm to 7pm as part of the Artists' Trail.

Isabelle Thiltgès (Sculptures) www.isabellethiltges.com Pierre Rulens (Sculptures) www.rulens.be Sophie Cauvin (Pictures-Ceramics) www.sophiecauvin.c

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Thursday, May 6, 2021 — Wednesday, June 30, 2021


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Exceptional opening

Thursday, May 6, 2021 from 14:00 to 21:00


Institut Bruno Lussato

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Institut Bruno Lussato