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Marcel Broodthaers: Industrial Poems, Open Letters

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Marcel Broodthaers : Poèmes industriels, lettres ouvertes  Marcel Broodthaers, Modèle / la pipe, 1968-69 © Succession Marcel Broodthaers – Sabam 2021


WIELS presents an unprecedented survey exhibition and a reference publication exclusively dedicated to Marcel Broodthaers' vacuum-formed plastic plates or ‘industrial poems’ (1968-1972).

In an unprecedented exhibition, elaborated in close collaboration with the Succession Marcel Broodthaers, WIELS presents the entire series of 36 main motifs of the plaques by Broodthaers, while also highlighting further unknown versions and variations, to reveal the artist’s idiosyncratic take on seriality and the reproducible, rare artwork and image. The exhibition also features unique prototypes, as well as a large group of drawings or preparatory sketches for the plaques, all in relation to a selection of ‘Open Letters’ by the artist. These were distributed in the public arena as pamphlets by Broodthaers, while he was founding and developing the Musée d’art moderne, Département des Aigles, a personal museum of which he was the artist, director, guard and solitary visitor. It ran from 1968 to 1972, simultaneous to the production of the plastic plaques, some of which were used by the artist as publicity for his Musée.

Marcel Broodthaers (artist)

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